A couple standing in the desert during blue hour, leaning in close to each other.
Happy couple poses after getting engaged in California, captured by Kristen LeighAnn Photography
A man is helping his girlfriend ride a skateboard on top of a building in Atlanta, Georigia. captured by Kristen LeighAn
A couple is kissing while floating on a blow up mattress in the Atlantic Ocean
A couple is standing with their backs toward the camera overlooking a mountain view
A husband is spinning his wife inside a canyon in Atlanta, Georgia
A couple just got married and are kissing in a VW Bus
Mom and Dad celebrating their bundle of joy on the way
A husband and wife, standing side by side, looking at each other in Atlanta, Ga
A couple has an intimate moment in a jeep on top of a parking deck
A couple dances on top of a roof in Atlanta, Ga
A couple takes a moment to laugh next to a lake in California
A couple smiling at each other while standing next to a river and having a picnic
A couple takes engagement photos in Atlanta, Georgia
A couple playing air hockey at Dave and Buster's in Atlanta, Georgia