Amber + Daniel's Golden Gate Bridge Couples Photoshoot

I actually met amber through a facebook wedding group! She reached out to a model call post i had made for when i was visiting the city! Fast forward to now, Amber and Daniel are really good friends with my boyfriend and I now! we double date and trade photo sessions frequently. it just goes to show that anyone can become good friends with you, even if its by chance.

this session made my photography dreams come true.. we woke up at at 3am to drive two hours into the city from sacramento to make it just in time for sunset at 6:30am. it was my first time ever seeing the golden gate bridge & i was completely mesmerized by it. it's size, that bright red color and the absolute beauty it holds. how can a giant hunk of metal be THIS beautiful? this images are still some of my favorite photos I have ever taken and they probably always will be. Enjoy the overshare of this beautiful gallery.